The method all_protocols() returns the protocol for the current network being scanned. The method keys() returns all the active ports available within the specified range. In many cases, port numbers are reserved for specific protocols across all routers. For example, port 25 is reserved for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) across networks. Subsequently, this standardizes ports and port forwarding for all users. This state is used when Nmap is unable to determine
whether a port is closed or filtered.

Router Setup for Web Filtering

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After measuring the robustness of their model against an adversarial attack, the accuracy obtained was 79.77% for NSL-KDD and 92.17% for ISOT CID. Finally, Ongun et al. [98] used the CTU-13 dataset to build ensemble models for malicious traffic detection.

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  • Ncat
    can enable TCP and UDP communication over source routed paths (use the
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The first phase entails detecting the presence of an intrusion and the second phase identifies the kind of intrusion. In preprocessing, the oversampling technique was carried out to enhance classification results. Furthermore, the most optimal model was built, which contained 150 neurons for the single-hidden 192.168.0 layer feed-forward neural network (SLFN) (phase 1), and 150 neurons and two layers for LSTM (phase 2).